Talentera subscription

The prime source of premium talents in Budapest
2000+ members
30-40 events per year
from 250 € per month
5-8% commission

What is Talentera?

Talentera is a free carrier service for talents who wants to build their career consciously.

Is it a local service?

Yes, currently it is available only in Budapest. We are working hard to launch the service in other major cities too.

Why do people join Talentera?

It contains three free services: trainings, career consultancy, and labor & employment law advice.

How many members are there?

More than a thousand and counting!

What is Talentera subscription?

It is a monthly fee paid by employers for accessing profiles of Talentera members who are open to change.

How is the pricing?

The BASIC plan is 250 € per month with 5-8% success fee. Advanced plans includes 5-10-20 talent placements. For detailed pricing information contact sales.

Why Talentera's lower prices?

Talentera service is not a desperate headhunting. We believe in building a recruitment funnel engine rather than in steady fire-fighting.

How companies benefit from their Talentera subscription?

It provides faster hiring at a more favorable price. Presentation opportunities on Talentera events mean extra support to your employer brand.