About Us

Who we are

Hello, this is Marketera, a digitally native agency with a proven funnel development framework.

Marketera is a marketing consulting agency operating primarily in B2B technology markets. Our refreshing approach is integrating everything from branding, through marketing and sales, unto customer care into one unified sales engine. We call this holistic and quite practical framework Funnel Development - referring to the sales funnel.

The other thing we completely refurbished is the experience of being a customer of a marketing agency. We simply give you the feeling of having a complete marketing team in the next room. You are connected with team members directly through proven workflows and tools you can rely on freely.

Our hometown is Budapest, but we feel at home in many other cities too, like in Wien, London, Amsterdam, and Oslo.


Meet your team

Laura Németh

Junior HR Manager

Administration, Project management

Szilvia Hatházi

HR manager

Social media, Project management, Career consulting

Balázs Keszei

Senior Funnel Consultant, Line Manager

Strategic consulting, Account management, Project management

Orsolya Kovács

Event Manager

Event strategy, Project management, Consultancy

Enikő Major

Line Manager

Inbound Marketing, CRM, Marketing automation, Content marketing, Social media

Judit Szabó

Account Manager

Inbound marketing, sales development, project management

Tímea Nyitrai

Senior Funnel Consultant, Line Manager

Outbound marketing, Sales development, Channel development

Lívia Moldvai

Senior Inbound Marketing Consultant

Marketing automation, Content strategy, Account management, Funnel consultancy

Edit Nagy

Senior HR Consultant, Line Manager

HR and Talent Solutions

Zoé Szatnik

Inbound Marketing Specialist

Content development, Web development, Consultancy

Attila Kiss


Funnel Consultancy, Strategic Consultancy

János Bélteki

Junior Campaign Manager

Sales Development

Gábor Aradi

Sales Director

Sales Consulting, Organization Development