The prime source of premium talents in the region of Central and Eastern Europe
Immediate access to the cream of the labor market
Quick and sustainable results for a fraction of headhunting fees
Additional employer branding visibility

What is Talentera for a talent?

One the one hand, Talentera is a community of experts who want to develop and build their career consciously.

What is Talentera for an employer?

On the other hand, Talentera is an inbound recruitment service based on the vivid talent stack of the Talentera community.

How does it work?

Talents give us consent for receiving event invitations, contents, and job offers. We regularly profile and interview them about their openness for a new job opportunity.

Why do people join Talentera?

It provides three free services: trainings, career consultancy, and labor law advice.

How can Talentera be three-times cheaper than standard headhunding fees?

Talentera service is based on a game-changing inbound strategy which ensures a sustainable recruitment model. Besides that, long-term commitment, higher volumes, and prepayment also contributes.

How can companies benefit from partnering with Talentera ?

The inbound approach provides favorable prices and quick results at the same time. There is extra support to your employer brand as well.