Sales Funnel Consulting

It is our service framework to manage an integrated funnel including branding, marketing, sales and post-sales efforts.

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Our credo: sell the way your customers want to buy. In other words, the sales funnel must perfectly mirror the customer journey.

On the one hand, funnel development is a holistic approach to integrate everything from branding, through marketing and sales, unto customer care into one unified sales engine. On the other hand, the funnel approach means result orientation, practicality, and accountability.

Funnel Development always starts with an audit to unfold and prioritize weaknesses. According to our practical approach, we proceed bottom-up within the sales funnel, resolving bottlenecks one-by-one.

Marketing Outsource

Our refreshing approach to working together with clients gives you exactly what you really need. An on-demand team of experts.

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Do you enjoy talking with key account managers? Poor you.

One of the most important missions of Marketera is redefining the customer - agency relationship. We want to give you the feeling of having an own marketing team next room. You can text Veronika to wish a sunny day, interview Aliz how her vacation was and ask Greg to add a new slide to the sales deck.

And how good the team is? It is a pretty complete and experienced international B2B business development squad.

CX Design

Customer experience is the new product. Working with us mostly starts with designing an outstanding customer experience.

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Still thinking in 4P? 7P? Cs? Else? Forget them.

Today the field of competition covers every single interaction with future, existing and former customers. Therefore companies spend significant resources to provide value within the pre- and post sales phases too. The measure of these extra resources, which can be even over the cost of the core product, questions the definition of the product itself.

We urge our customers to reconsider their product portfolio, extend the radius of product management and design the whole customer experience more consciously.

Web Development

It is something you will love. Fast development, agile change management, perfect code and SEO, crispy outlook. Based on Webflow technology.

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We love web projects and our clients also love working on their website with us. Unfortunately, it is not self-evident. Many companies find web projects pain and suffering. Why? Prolonged deadlines, cost overruns and eternal dependency on the developer.

We like to reinvent things and we managed to find a completely new way of developing and operating websites. We use Webflow, a low-code technology, which empowers creative teams to work on websites without developers. It means world-class code, faster and cheaper projects, agile operations and agency-independency.

We do believe that low-coding is the future of web development. Let us convince you.

Branding and Communication

We truly understand the role and power of brands in B2B tech markets.

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Brands are more important than ever. You may think that B2B is less affected but the complex decision mechanisms of larger organizations are hopelessly interwoven with emotions. Brands and associated values are parts of the collective consciousness and their role is to simplify the evaluation of products and services. The more intensive the marketing communication the more significant the role of the brands.

In our funnel model, branding is not only important at the very top of the funnel but it can modify the complete customer experience. In other words, a good brand is able to lubricate the sales process masking weaknesses and emphasizing strongnesses.

At Marketera we are ready to build an engaging identity and a compelling brand narrative which resonates with your core audience.

Demand Generation

Advertisement and lead nurturing via an omnichannel approach. Compelling texting, impressing visuals, convincing professionalism.

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The sales engine is fueled by leads and we have proven methods to ensure the continuous supply. Our omnichannel lead generation framework is a custom blend of eDMs, events, and digital advertising like paid social, Google Ads, and remarketing. We are not afraid to do the dirty work, so talking and meeting with leads are also typical elements of a campaign.

A progressive lead nurturing program cannot exist without compelling content and the latest technology.

Professional articles, blog posts, infographics, ebooks and video contents are all in the portfolio.

Marketing software like marketing automation, social management, and reporting tools also support our work.

Sales Development

Sales development, inside sales, and channel management over advertising. SLA-based lead follow-up.

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Sales development is a hardcore field work which bridges the gap between demand generation and sales. You cannot do it from behind automatic digital communication. It needs experience, confidence, and extremely good communication skills.

Direct response campaigns, lead nurturing, event follow up or web lead follow up? Time to time, you need somebody who takes action and makes a call or a meeting in person. Salespersons are too good and too expensive for the job. Machines are not intelligent enough (yet?) for the job. You could hire juniors but they would need guidance. Proven tactics for example.

Talent Funnel Consulting

Building a recruitment funnel engine is the only professional way to cover the need for human resource of an organization.

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Have you ever seen a company which does not build a sales funnel? Instead, it always hires a sales agency in panic when runs out of cash? Nope? We are only asking because in many cases recruitment works this way.

HR has to adopt sales-marketing methods to build a well-working recruitment funnel which steadily supplies the organization with new employees. It needs branding, lead generation, lead nurturing, marketing automation, and content marketing. There is no other way. It is the future of recruitment.

What we offer you is a complete framework for recruitment funnel development with a strong focus on knowledge transfer. You can also profit from co-operation with our turn-key solution Talentera.