Turn-key sales development solution for the IT sector
Immediate access to the global markets
High-performing sales team through a commission-only contract
Professional marketing support through an on-demand contract
Low entry cost of going international

What is Mindfusion from an external point of view?

Mindfusion looks like an actively communicating, significant information technology company providing various services and products. (mindfusion.hu)

What is Mindfusion for an IT company?

Mindfusion is a virtual brand and sales house for providing international sales funnel development.

Why to work with Mindfusion?

Mindfusion partners can enter international markets at low risk and short time.

How Mindfusion marketing and sales works?

We run a fairly large team of content marketing, social communication, marketing automation, event marketing and inside sales development.

How does the marketing looks like?

It is an intensive inbound strategy fueled by digital contents and events (both onsite and online).

What is the pricing modell?

Mindfusion partners pay a monthly marketing contribution and sales commission. There are also additional services we provide through a standard agency contract.